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Loss & Grief Trust has lots of demand but funds dry up as belts tighten

It was 2 years this month since the Loss and Grief Centre, Kapiti opened.  It was just as the first Covid lockdowns were lifting and immediately, we had an influx of people needing support.  2 years on we are now seeing even more increases in people seeking help, but fewer now are able to be as generous with their donations and so this registered charity is drained of funds.

While we offer free companion support which includes our trained volunteer ‘Companions’ visiting and offering phone support, many people also want professional counselling which ranges in fees  $90-$120 / hour however, many cannot afford the full fees and Kapiti Coast Funeral Home has been picking up the tab for the balance which is a limited resource.

The Trust won’t turn anyone away, however, where do these funds keep coming from to bridge the gap?  A few people do give small independent donations to the trust, however, these are few and far between and don’t bridge the gap either.  Kapiti Coast Funeral Home as a major sponsor covers all the general overhead costs of rent, power, and management costs which is already tens of thousands of dollars a year.  The Trust also approaches Kapiti Coast Funeral Home to cover counselling shortfalls, as previously mentioned, but with more and more clients coming from all over the community this is not sustainable in the long term. The busy ‘Companion’ volunteers needed to help with client follow-up and support groups are also becoming a rarity.

To help with the increased work the Trust has also taken on another counsellor part-time, which is a great addition to the amazing team. The Trust has applied for funding to organisations to help offset increasing costs. Applying for funding is very time-consuming and most often comes to either very little or nothing at all.  Very frustrating.  Individuals have in the past been very generous but now we are getting a lot more people wanting financial help rather than donating. So the question is, “can you help?”

If you have experience and can help in a practical way such as assisting our wonderful volunteer administrator in applying for funding, or if you feel you could donate directly to this increasingly used community resource, please either donate on internet banking to

Loss and Grief Kapiti account 02-0528-0519898-00
or email the centre manager Sancia
at – for more details.

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